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Trademark registration, new invention patents, industrial design patents, legal assistance, prototyping…

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IGLOBAX draws on its team of industrial property, intellectual property professionals to best asses and protect our client´s assets. With ample experience, IGLOBAX offers personalized national and international services to efficiently meet the needs of our customers.

“Personalized strategy for your legal safety”

We Protect Ideas

Our complete personalization of the client experience makes IGLOBAX the ideal partner in the formation of your protection strategy. We will guide you through the complex decision making process to optimally protect your assets.

IGLOBAX Testimonials

“The professional experience, quick solutions, and vast resource pool satisfied all my needs. IGLOBAX always maintained great lines of communication and were quick to pass along new information.”

Federico Silvestri


“A close, professional service that quickly resolves your needs. Good job, IGLOBAX.”

Adrián García

“It was my first patent experience. From the first point of contact, I felt the firm´s seriousness in giving quick follow ups and detailed information. IGlobax demonstrated interest in every issue. Working with them was a great experience. Simply exemplary!”

José Alberto Frade

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