3D Designs, Prototyping and Industrializing

3D Design

Our firm actualizes 3D Designs for the dissemination and promotion of your product. Following your design´s patent protection, we can actualize your design to further facilitate your commercial investment.


Realizing Your Design: Analysis and Study Costs

With your product idea, we can develop a prototype. Starting with an improvement analysis, feasibility studies, and cost of manufacturing break-down, we will help you in every step in the development of your product´s decision making process.


Following the cost study and further design analysis, we will assist you in finalizing a detailed design, selecting product materials, deciding on possible manufactures, and creating the finalized prototype.



After validating the prototype and assessing possible modifications recommended by the manufacturer, we will guide you in selecting the ideal manufacturer for the industrialization and commercialization of your product.

“We unite innovation and our client´s abilities with efficient results to give your product value added technical solutions.”


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