By taking your company online, you open a world of opportunities to quickly and economically present, promote, and sell your products or services. Your business´s virtual name—your brand—allows your business to be easily identified by potential clients and differentiate itself from the competition.

Though the opportunity operate online brings value, it also brings unexpected dangers such as usurpation and imitation by third parties.

We can help you avoid these down-falls by registering your trademark. This indispensable act guarantees your company exclusive use of your company´s name and protects your legal rights from third party imitators.

“Registering your trademark is essential to launching your online busines”

How can we protect your e-commerce?

Trademark Name Investigation

Before registering your trademark, our firm will complete a free investigation of prior trademark registrations to ensure the availability of your desired trademark.

Trademark Registration

Our firm will officially, electronically file trademark documentation in the applicable country´s official patent office along with your company´s desired logo.

LOPD – Ley Orgánico de Protección de Datos

The law requires businesses to implement information and legal controls over the application and handling of personal information. Our firm will run an analysis over your firm’s virtual LOPD legal compliance.

Is registering your internet domain enough?



Registering your internet domain is not enough to protect your business. Your business must acquire a trademark to gain legal protection. The trademark will gives you and your business the exclusive right to distinguish your products in the market place and protect itself against imitation, copying or forgery.

We Analyze & Design Your Custom E-Commerce Protection Plan