Starting a business require a big effort, entrepreneurs put their blood, sweat and tears into the venture. Of course that setting a business forced them to take into consideration many things about the area that they want to work in  but it never ceases to amaze me how many  of these business owners take for granted the importance of obtaining a trademark registration to protect their brand.

First of all, a trademark is the words or images that are used to distinguish goods or services from those provided or sold, by others.

In my experience, the cost of taking adequate steps to protect a new brand are lower than the costs of defending allegations of infringement or, worse, of having to rebrand your trademark and start from scratch.

Many companies use branding equity before the filing for a Trademark. Obviously this is important not only in colour, logo design and typography Which are characteristic signs of identity but searching trademark availability must be the first step. Taking steps to understand the landscape for the availability of your trademark and properly registering it to both protect your mark and enforce your rights against others is invaluable.

Protecting your trademark and lead it to a maximum level is more than a filing, per example EUIPO (EUROPEAN IP OFFICE) does not reject new applications for similar or identical trademark, holders must be aware in case of being the injured party and present a state of opposition

Daily monitoring is exhausting and almost impossible for an individual. It is there were Patent and trademark Agencies as IGLOBAX IP saves time and guarantees accurate measurements.

If you want to know more about trademark register in Spain or Europe email us at

IGLOBAX Patentes y Marcas

IGLOBAX Patentes y Marcas es una consultora especializada en el asesoramiento, tramitación y vigilancia de expedientes de Patentes y Marcas, a nivel nacional e internacional, así como la defensa jurídica de los derechos de Propiedad Industrial de nuestros clientes.

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