What is Community Industrial Design?

The community industrial design is a normal industrial design honored at the European Union´s community level. The application of a single law to all Community Design provides a strong and uniform protection throughout the European Union.

This all-encompassing, exclusive right to the design is honored in all member states of the European Union and prevents the designs use of third parties.

General Characteristics

  • Protection of the design is covered in 28 EU countries and areas of future community expansion.
  • The application cannot be limited to individual countries- one application automatically applies a business to seek an industrial design title in all EU member states.
  • Industrial Designs are valid of 5 years and are renewable for a maximum of 25 years.
  • Industrial Designs are usually issued within 1 month.

Types of design


Design Sets

Complex Products


Icono ornamentación


Design Drawings / Artistic Work

Icono informática

Icons and Computer Icons

A great design creates value and becomes a flagship asset of your company

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