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Our legal department provides specialized and personalized legal advice in three fields: Intellectual and Industrial Property, Unfair Competition, and Data Protection.

Within Intellectual Property we further specialize into: administrative procedures, licensing and franchise agreements, court proceedings and audits.

Industrial Property Audit

The Industrial property (DPI) of a company consists of intangible assets—trademarks, patents, licenses. With your collaboration, our consultants will audit your company´s DPI through a systematic equity analysis. Through the analysis, we will pin-point underused DPI assets, identify potential company risks, and assist you in strategic planning to maintain and improve your company´s market position.

The utility gained from our analysis has the ability to unite your company´s organizational departments and orient them towards a common goal.

“You cannot track and manage what has not been measured”

Legal Assistance

Our legal team provides comprehensive assistance to all of our customers. Whether you require third party assistance on infringed Industrial Property, need legal assistance concerning Patents and Trademark registration, or are looking for a representation in registration revocation proceedings, we will offer you a personalized hands-on assistance.

Data Protection Act LOPD

Data protection is a right all individuals hold regarding the use of their personal information. The law requires IGLOBAX and other companies to implement safety measures, legal and company wide policies, to protect your information.Similarly, IGLOBAX can assist in adapting your company´s information standards and in modifying your company´s legal web presence through a comprehensive LOPD audit.

LOPD information standards include: official reports, clause redaction, file registration, drafting of security documents, etc. Web presence revision consists of: web adaptation following Data Protection Act and LSSI standards.

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Burofax Requirements

This legal tool notifies us to possible third party infringement on your industrial property. With timely notifications, we are made aware of infringements extra-judicially to best protect your legal rights and to cease their further violation.

Commercial Registry

Our inquiry to the Central Business Registry will advise if your desired Trade name is or is not currently registered.  We will Apply  and obtaining of a negative company name certificate from the Central Companies Register.

Take in mind that this certificate will not protect your trademark or trade name, being necessary to file this apart.


The protection of your business´s agreements regarding intangible assets requires a fail-safe contract. Our firm´s lawyers will provide your company with confidentiality agreements, licensing agreements, operating agreements, technology transfers, assignment of rights, court settlements, etc.


In lawsuits regarding IP, competition law, commercial and civil action, IGLOBAX offers our clients specialized legal counsel to assist you to accomplish your goals as either the case plaintiff or defendants.

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