International Trademark

If your company has decided to internationalize your products, it’s time to internationalize your trademark. Internationalizing your trademark can be realized through individual trademark requests targeting specific countries or by applying for an all-inclusive international trademark with our consultants.

What is an international trademark?

International trademarks maintain the rights associated with individual country trademarks. However, international trademarks are honored in all  countries that are party to the Madrid System – a system governed by the Madrid Agreement and the Madrid Protocol. International trademarks are processed by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), located in Geneva, Switzerland.

General Characteristics

We specialize in trademark registrations in USA, Central and South America

Our Network: Worldwide Correspondents

IGLOBAX can register your trademark in any country in the world thanks to our dedicated, international network. Our efficiency is your advantage as IGLOBAX can quickly and directly correspond with the trademark office in your country of choice.

Are you ready to internationalize your trademark?