Can you patent a mobile application?

Mobile apps are only patentable in certain cases. For a mobile application to be patentable, the app must fall into the “patentable” guidelines of: novelty, innovation, industrial application, and be of technical character. In general, they should answer, “Is this invention a technical solution to a technical problem?” If the answer is yes, your product is most likely eligible to be patented.

After answering if the app is patentable, the first step towards obtaining legal protection and patent involves registering your app´s name and logo for a trademark.

How will we protect your mobile application?

Trademark and Patent Investigation

Before you invest your money, time and effort, IGLOBAX will complete a detailed analysis and report regarding the patentability of your app. We will further conduct an environmental scan to ensure the viability of your desired trademark.

Trademark Registration

After confirming trademark name viability, our firm will file an official Trademark solicitation in the applicable office of your app´s desired country. This trademark can be further extended to other countriesfor commercial use once filed.

Patent Registration

After analyzing the patentability and confirming feasibility, our firm will complete a complete drafting of the specification and preparation of the official documentation to present the patent before the SPTO.

“with a multi-step registration process, we will insure the legal safety your app requires

Contact with us and we will provide you with tailored protection.

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