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What is a trademark?


A trademark is a name, distinctive graphic, or combination of both that clearly differentiates your products from your competitors. Your trademark can consist of a single word, a combination of letters and numbers, symbols, pictures, logos, and even the 3-D features found in your product packaging.

 What are the benefits?

Registering a Trademark - Growing Money


  • Exclusive, legal rights to your intellectual property preventing others marketing identical or similar products under the same brand
  • Legal mechanisms against pirated information as trademarked brands guarantee more legal rights in internet domains
  • Once granted, 10 years of exclusive use with the potential, unlimited renewals
  • A source of income facilitated by licensing or franchising

The 3 Steps

Registering Your Trademark with IGLOBAX




1st Step – Existing Identity Scan: Before processing your trademark request, IGLOBAX searches for preexisting trademarks and current applications of similar material. Post our thorough investigation; we will communicate the viability of your trademark request



2nd Step – Electronic Filing: Within 48 hours of communicating trademark viability, IGLOBAX will electronically file official documentation in the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office. Along with the electronic request, IGLOBAX can request the protection of your company´s logo and identifying colors.




3rd Step –  Ongoing Monitoring and Maintenance: Using our specialized software, IGLOBAX maintains the exclusive use of your trademark and detects possible infractions against your legal registration through constant vigilance.


What we need from you:

  1. Power of Attorney Documentation

  2. Detailed Description Regarding Trademark Ownership

  3. Name of the Trademark and Associated Logo(s)

  4. Products(s) and/or Service(s) to Be Protected

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“Excellent communication from day one. Quickly navigated all stages of the application processes. I recommend it.”

Óscar González de las Cuevas



“It was my first time filing for a trademark and they took care of me throughout every step of the process. They ´quickly dealt with the complicated issue attributed to my business´s name- they managed to register it without any problems. Thank you! I hope to work with IGlobax for all other trademarks!”

Marc Orcera



“Perfect, client centered treatment. Real interest in creating a personalized experience. I highly recommend their services”

Javier Ferrer



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