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 What is a patent?


 A patent is the legal right granted by the state to exclusively use an invention. It protects your business by preventing others from manufacturing, selling, or using the invention without your explicit consent.

But what exactly qualifies as an invention? Classically, an invention is defined as a novel solution to a technical problem. It can be brought to life through the creation of a mechanism, product, method, or process but can also be a modification to a current process




 About Patents

  • Patents offer the exclusive use and commercialization of your invention
  • By granting operating license to your patent, your business may gain royalties
  • Patents can be extended internationally to protect your invention globally
  • Your business benefits from your exclusive patent for 20 years
  • Patents require an application submission to your patent office – in Spain known as the IET



How are we going to protect your idea?





Our consultants will send you a confidentiality agreement to preserve the integrity of your invention. Additionally, our team will conduct a preliminary investigation of your invention to ensure the idea´s originality qualifies for patent application




Written Specifications

IGLOBAX will work with your business to draft your invention´s specifications and to create explanatory technical drawings. After annotating your invention, we will finalize the draft and prepare documentation for a patent application in the appropriate Patent and Trademark Office.





We will continually monitor your patent application, advise your company on all deadlines, and further assist you with all international correspondences associated with your patent.


“Professionalism and Transparency”


Internationalizing Your Patent


By applying for a national patent, your business maintains legal, global priority for 1 year. In this time frame, your company may choose to expand your invention´s protection internationally through a PCT patent application, a European Patent application, or a direct application to a country of choice.




Requirements to Obtain a Patent




An invention is considered novel and patentable when its technology has never before featured in a prior art- “prior” consisting of everything publicly available before your patent´s filing date.




When an existing invention requires additional innovation which is not obvious to outsiders, the additional innovation is considered a patent worthy.



Industrial Applicability

Patents can be solicited by all inventions capable of application across multiple industries.


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