Maintain your Brand´s Exclusivity

IGLOBAX offers a vigilance and monitoring service to maintain your trademarks´s exclusivity in any country or distinct region. With our company´s specialized software, we receive immediate updates, alerts, and notifications regarding any trademark applications which put your brand at risk or sacrifice your proprietary, legal rights.
This service provides extended control and updated information to further defend your distinctive logo by preventing its likeness being used and mimicked by third parties. We want to protect your information.

Be ahead of competition!

Our trademark monitoring service can help you track your competition´s strategic moves. Our service will show you where your competitors are expanding and will notify you of where their brands are currently active.

Regional Monitoring Packages /Level of surveillance

Selecting a Monitoring Package

Selecting a monitoring package depends principally on the geographical protection your trademark carries. If your trademark is registered within the European Union, selecting IGLOBAX´s European Union vigilance package is a convenient way to monitor similar trademark applications within the EU.

“Do not allow the existence of similar trademarks”

Shall we monitor your trademark?