This is the short name given for electronic sports. Nowadays E-sports have become extremely popular over the past few years, mostly because the huge success those games like FIFA, League of Legends have.

Now, players have become so skilled organized, competitive and professional. Because the attraction of professional gamers and millions of audience many companies all over the world are offering lucrative sponsorship deals.

Moreover “Traditional” sports clubs, like Premier League football teams, are starting to buy eSports players to represent them in competitions. Those have become major sporting events, because of that there have been several efforts to obtain IP protection for the competition which can be used to generate significant revenue.

Be informed that avatars being used by players are owned by the entities. However the gamer must develop their   intellectual property separate from the game itself for commercial exploitation.

In this context, it will generally consist of trademarks or copyrights so the first step to take in mind is the trademark application, analyzing the viability of the name. IGLOBAX IP will also give you a recommendation regarding the desires that our clients have.

The complicated position of software patents in this field are making it complex, because they are permitted in some countries and not in others.

Teams and players now have to be strategic in closing deals and defined contracts that can protect successfully their brand.

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